Friday, February 26, 2021

Cinematic - Prog Rock, Rock, Instrumental, Electronic compilation

I was playing this compilation this afternoon while we were sitting out on the deck enjoying another hot day and my wife said "this is pretty cruisy".  It's mostly prog rock tracks but I've thrown in a couple of other tracks from different genres that seem to fit rather well with the overall mix.  It's pretty laid back but definitely one for the late afternoon while sitting out on the deck knocking back a few coldies....


01 - Disillusioned - A Perfect Circle
02 - Old Love - Long Distance Calling
03 - Blackfield - Blackfield
04 - Twilight - Black Sky Research
05 - Rising Sun - White Moth Black Butterfly
06 - Cinematic - Jonathon Jackson + Enation
07 - Sepia - Jester (India)
08 - Into The Scarlet Eye - Mystery
09 - Metropolis - Schiller
10 - Show Yourself - Phyllotaxis
11 - Stranded - Red Vox
12 - Bridge Of Sighs - Steve Lukather


  1. Thank you for putting this comp together. I have really enjoyed listening to it while relaxing on the back porch. I intend to find more pieces by these artists.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it dri and thanks for leaving a comment - much appreciated