Saturday, February 12, 2022

Naked Light - a mix of rock, alt rock and prog rock for your weekend

As mentioned in my post yesterday - the long hot summer we've been having has limited my computer time and so I haven't been putting mixes together or posting very much.  However, I was enjoying my Naked Light mix last night and thought it was about time I shared something.  I particularly like this mix as it draws down music from rock, alt rock and progressive rock genres and then blends them together.  As with some of my mixes, I try to include some homegrown Kiwi music and so on this mix I've added a local Auckland band called Villainy with a track titled "Paradise Lost".  I finished with a cover of Sounds of Silence by Phyllotaxis.  I know this is a much covered track but they are a favorite band of mine and I particularly like their rendition of this classic. 

Feedback always welcome....


01 - The Natural Heart - Miracle Of Sound
02 - Clear - Echo 2 Locate
03 - In A State - Unkle
04 - Mekong - The Refreshments
05 - More Or Less - Screaming Trees
06 - Paradise Lost - Villainy
07 - The Phone Booth - The Editors
08 - Rain - The Luka State
09 - Lovely - Visionary
10 - Long Time Coming - Delays
11 - Ghost - Traceless
12 - Sound Of Silence - Phyllotaxis

Friday, February 11, 2022

There'll be a new mix posted tomorrow

Hi all,

Summer here has meant I've not had a lot of computer time and hence my lack of posts.  However, I'm listening to a great mix tonight and I'll post it here tomorrow for your listening pleasure.

Best wishes


Saturday, January 1, 2022

Edge Of Space - a mix to take you on a stratospheric journey

Happy New Year!  Here's a mix that I made to listen to on short hop flights but thanks to Covid -  I haven't yet had a chance to fly and to listen to this at altitude....  This is a bit different to a lot of my other mixes and I found it quite challenging to sequence.  However, having listened to it again yesterday, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. 

It opens with an ethereal track from Clinton Shorter that I used to segue into "Zeit Maschine" from A Silent Noise.  I've combined a few instrumentals in this mix as the effect I was trying to create was a flow of music that would accompany the turbulence bumps and movement of the aircraft and to drown out the cabin sounds. I tend not to listen to lyrics but rather focus in on the music and so there is nothing lyrically connected with flying or space in any of the tracks with vocals in case you were wondering......

Hope you like it.

Track List:

01 - The Expanse - Clinton Shorter
02 - Zeit Maschine (Voyage Version) - A Silent Noise
03 - The Trip - Still Corners 
04 - Amerimacka - Thievery Corporation
05 - Red Rain (2012 Remaster) - Peter Gabriel
06 - Flight 420 - Astronaut Ape
07 - Nightcall (feat. Lovefoxx) - Kavinsky
08 - High Hopes (Radio Edit) - Pink Floyd
09 - Stratosphere - Starset
10 - Superdub - Supermax
11 - Ballrooms Of Mars - T-Rex
12 - Cries Of A Dead World - Miracle Of Sound

Friday, December 24, 2021

Midnight Rain - collection of easy listening tracks

Well I'm back from my recent break due to our house being packed up to get some renovations done.  They're now completed and I've got all my gear set back up again just in time for Xmas break.  Thank goodness as not having the stereo for several weeks has been a killer.

To get back into it I've got a compilation to share that I titled Midnight Rain.  I had a few songs sitting in a folder that I'd been looking to mix.  One night I was lying in bed listening to a thunderstorm and couldn't sleep so I got up and got to work. For a bit of fun I added a little bit of rain as an intro to the opening Daughtry track just to give it the same ambiance as what I was listening to as I was pulling this mix together.  Hope you enjoy.......


01 - Lioness - Daughtry
02 - Wet Dreams - Ocean Alley
03 - Somethin's Wrong - Billy D & The Hoodoos
04 - Come Midnight - Andrew Farriss
05 - All Of My Cryin' - Shannon & The Clams
06 - Turn Away - Beck
07 - America At Night - Creeper
08 - Bird Dog - Shaman's Harvest
09 - Candy - Paolo Nutini
10 - Bleeding - Blind Velvet
11 - King Of The Rat Race - EG Vines
12 - Believe Anything - Holy Holy

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Temporary break....

In case anyone was wondering why there haven't been any new compilations posted of late - it's because my house is in the midst of a major renovation and I've had to pack up all my equipment and only have a small laptop to use. I'm told that because of the delays in getting supplies, the work may not be completed until January.......hopefully not that late.  Anyway, I'll be back posting just a soon as I can get myself set up again.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Radar Heart - a blend of pop and rock tracks to listen to over the weekend

Things have been a little busy in my world of late, hence the reason I haven't been posting much.  Hopefully that'll change soon and I'll get a chance to spend some more time at my computer and work on some new compilations.  Radar Heart is a mix I did a few months ago, which is a nice blend of pop and rock music that's an easy listen.  Hope you like it.....


01 - War / Rain - Johnossi
02 - Breakfast At Sweethearts - Cold Chisel
03 - Waste A Moment - Kings Of Leon
04 - Switchblade Heart - Goodbye June
05 - Long Line Of Cars - Cake
06 - What Else Is There? - Royksopp
07 - Hearsay - Phyllotaxis
08 - Face Full Of Lines - The Radar Station
09 - So Pretty - Noises Of The Wicked
10 - Read About It - Midnight Oil
11 - Over My Shoulder - I Am Kloot
12 - No One's Home - Switchblade Glory

Friday, August 27, 2021

Quiet In Lockdown - a mix of Alt Rock to wake up the neighborhood

I'm currently in full lockdown and things have gotten just a little bit quiet in my neighborhood so I felt it was time to create a bit of noise. This compilation is a mix of Alt Rock tracks that will appreciate a bit of volume to maximise the effect......if you know what I mean :-)


01 - Remember When - Bad Wolves
02 - Any Moment Now - Finger Eleven
03 - Voices - Alesti (feat. Loveless)
04 - Kill The Lights - The Colour
05 - Hurricane - Needtobreathe
06 - The Rallying Cry - Black Nazereth
07 - Morning After - Dead By Sunrise
08 - Somewhere Beautiful - Ra
09 - Help (Remastered) - Papa Roach
10 - Sons Of Mary - Comehere
11 - Dragonfly (Extended Unplugged Version) - Shaman's Harvest
12 - We Breathe The Same - Neptune Rain

Friday, August 13, 2021

Storm Chaser - a blend of pop & rock with a little Kiwi & Oz thrown in for good measure

My Storm Chaser compilation starts off a little tongue-in-cheek with 80's track Precious Little Diamond from Fox The Fox followed by the immediately recognizable voice of Marc Bolan from T-Rex with Ballrooms Of Mars. The mix includes songs from a couple of Kiwi artists - Evermore and Pluto as well as tracks from a couple of favourite Oz neighbors Jimmy Barnes and James Reyne. I also threw in a mash-up called Holes In My Disposition with Mercury Rev & The Temper Trap, which I feel puts in place a reflective interlude after Trouble Andrew's song New Kid before heading into the last 4 tracks.  Enjoy.


01 - Precious Little Diamond (12" Mix) - Fox The Fox
02 - Ballrooms Of Mars - T-Rex
03 - Hey Boys & Girls - Evermore
04 - You From Me - Jimmy Barnes
05 - Everytime We Fall - Anna Ternheim
06 - Reckless - James Reyne
07 - New Kid - Trouble Andrew
08 - Holes In My Disposition - Mercury Rev vs The Temper Trap
09 - Virgin Of The World - Cory Becker
10 - Jane Says - Janes Addiction
11 - The Balance - Torul
12 - Long White Cross - Pluto


Friday, July 30, 2021

I'm's a new compilation for your listening pleasure

Well I'm back.  Finally got ourselves a new home and have finally moved in......well mostly.  I'm slowly getting things back to normal so thought I'd go through my archives and see if I could find a mix to share.  This one's titled "Keep It Real", which is kinda appropriate for me given the state of transition we are in by moving cities. It's got a nice prog-rock feel to it and has a some of my favourite artists on it like RPWL, Starset and Geoff Tate.  Hope you enjoy it.


01 - I Walk Beside You - Dream Theater
02 - In Your Dreams - RPWL
03 - The Mystic Technocracy - Dockers Guild
04 - Versions Of The Truth - The Pineapple Thief
05 - Uprising - Muse
06 - The Space On The Wall - Dead Letter Circus
07 - Put Down The Gun - This Oceanic Feeling
08 - Faith Healer - Fish
09 - Hurricane - 30 Seconds To Mars
10 - Bullits Dominae - Pure Reason Revolution
11 - Let It Die - Starset
12 - Change - Geoff Tate

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Taking a short break - but I'll be back

I'm going to be taking a short break from this blog while we move house to another city.  As you can imagine, there's a lot to be done and so I've got to spend a bit more time doing things like packing and organizing our move.

Back in a few weeks......

Friday, April 16, 2021

Mind The Gap - a mix of rock, pop, alt-rock, synth pop and melodic rock

Here's a blended mix from multiple genres for your listening pleasure.   There's a reasonable spread of different music from tracks 1 through 12 and so there are definitely multiple ways this mix could be sequenced but in the immortal words of Frank Sinatra - "I did it my way". Have a great weekend.


01 - Just Let Go - From The Ash
02 - Dawn - Echo Black
03 - Fall Down - Toad The Wet Sprocket
04 - When You Run Away - Guild Of Ages
05 - Holding On To You - Garrett Kato
06 - Mind The Gap - The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
07 - Napalm Girls - Creeper
08 - All Of You - Cold Chisel
09 - Ghosts - Big Wreck
10 - New Sensations - Sunsleep
11 - Dodged A Bullet - Greg Laswell
12 - Nights Of Future Past - Julien-K