Saturday, February 12, 2022

Naked Light - a mix of rock, alt rock and prog rock for your weekend

As mentioned in my post yesterday - the long hot summer we've been having has limited my computer time and so I haven't been putting mixes together or posting very much.  However, I was enjoying my Naked Light mix last night and thought it was about time I shared something.  I particularly like this mix as it draws down music from rock, alt rock and progressive rock genres and then blends them together.  As with some of my mixes, I try to include some homegrown Kiwi music and so on this mix I've added a local Auckland band called Villainy with a track titled "Paradise Lost".  I finished with a cover of Sounds of Silence by Phyllotaxis.  I know this is a much covered track but they are a favorite band of mine and I particularly like their rendition of this classic. 

Feedback always welcome....


01 - The Natural Heart - Miracle Of Sound
02 - Clear - Echo 2 Locate
03 - In A State - Unkle
04 - Mekong - The Refreshments
05 - More Or Less - Screaming Trees
06 - Paradise Lost - Villainy
07 - The Phone Booth - The Editors
08 - Rain - The Luka State
09 - Lovely - Visionary
10 - Long Time Coming - Delays
11 - Ghost - Traceless
12 - Sound Of Silence - Phyllotaxis

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